Every 15 minutes, a child is born opioid-dependent in the U.S. because the mother used opiates while pregnant. The costs of caring for such children threaten the budgets of every family with such a child and every political subdivision in the country. These babies will require expensive after-birth care and long-term health care and monitoring for life-long problems, including profound learning disabilities and propensity toward future addictions. Thus, the fight will never end for these children. We’re here to help you face the short and long-term arrangements you will have to make to provide the medical care and rehabilitation needed for opioid-dependent-born infants and children. Contact us now to get help.

Opioid Infant History DownloadWatch this TV interview explaining why preventing opioid-dependent births is so important.

Why we do what we do

Opioid Justice Team is a Medical-Legal Partnership of doctors, attorneys and civic leaders fighting to end our nation’s opioid epidemic by gaining real solutions to the nation’s addiction crisis. What sets our team apart is our commitment to our clients not only to compensate for damages, but to advocate for a comprehensive settlement that will address the root causes of the opioid crisis and eliminate the systematic conditions that allowed it to get to this point. We’re about justice, relief and answers to the short and long-term challenges of America’s unprecedented prescription opioid addiction problem.

Our team of renowned experts is already building a damage model that will capture the extent of the economic loss suffered by Americans, their families, businesses and communities because of the additional unrecompensed expenses and stress on resources that have come with the Opioid Crisis. Our experts are also developing proposals to bring communities the resources they need to fight the causes of the Opioid Crisis and deal with its effects.

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